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Retail Center

At Burnt Fork Veterinary Clinic, our pharmacy can accommodate most any medication your pet will need. If you are interested in starting a new prescription medication for your pet please call the office to put in a request or set up a consult with one of our doctors. 

Our retail center stocks a supply of over the counter options to help care for your pet's health as well. Stop in anytime to see our selection of retail option or call the office to ask for guidance as well. 


If there is a specific food you are looking for from one of the companies above please let us know, as we can possibly do special orders to accommodate your wants. 

Dental Products:

    • Whimzees Dental Chews
    • C.E.T. DuoClenz Enzymatic Dental Chew
    • C.E.T. Flavored Enzymatic Toothpaste
    • Dentahex Oral Rinse
    • Oratene Water Additive
    • Dual ended and finger toothbrushes

Joint+Skin Health:

    • Glycoflex
    • Grizzly Salmon Plus Oil
    • Pro-Motion
    • Allergroom Shampoo

ElleVet with CBD+CBDA:

    • Calm & Comfort
    • Complete Oil
    • Feline Complete Paste
    • Mobility Chews

  • Royal Canin Pill Assists for dogs and cats for giving both capsules and tablets.
  • Healthy and low fat dog snacks
  • PetSafe Water Fountains, filters, and cleaning brushes
  • Safari Nail Trimmers, Brushes, De-matting Combs
  • Furminators

We are proud retailers of WestPaw and WolfGang - stop by our clinic to see our rotating supplies of toys, puzzles, leashes, and collars. 

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