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Retail Center

At Burnt Fork Veterinary Clinic, our pharmacy can accomodate most any medication your pet will need. Our Retail Center stocks a supply of prescription pet foods as well as dietary supplements to aid digestion, arthritis, and pain management.

We carry both Fromm Family Foods and Royal Canin Veterinary diets as well as treats, toys from West Paw, an expanded dental line and many probiotic options!

  • Greenies Pill Pockets for dogs and cats for giving both capsules and tablets, including an allergy formula for sensitive pets.
  • Full line of dental care and tartar preventions for dogs and cats such as:
    • Flavored toothpaste for dogs and cats (beef, seafood, poultry).
    • Toothbrushes with long handles
    • Finger brushes
    • C.E.T. Dental Chews for tartar reduction
    • ARK Naturals Breathless Brushless Toothpaste Chews
  • Healthy and low fat dog snacks.
  • Probiotics for good-gut-health including
    • Fortiflora for K9 and Feline
    • Answers Fermented Goat's Milk
    • Fast Track for Ruminants, Equines, and K9s
  • Full line of veterinary diet foods both canned and dry by Purina and Royal Canin including:
    • Fiber control
    • Dental health
    • GI health
    • Allergies
    • Kidney function and urinary tract health

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