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Regarding Online Pharmacies: 

In an effort to provide the best service possible to our clients and their pets, we are happy to continue to fill prescriptions at our in-house pharmacy, local Bitterroot Valley human pharmacies (Valley Drug, Family Pharmacy, etc.), and our internal on-line pharmacy (Vets First Choice) accessible through our website

Effective October 1, 2019, we will charge a $5 handling fee for requests that come for Dr.’s approval from Box Stores and online pharmacies such as 1800-PetMeds,, Drs. Foster and Smith, etc.  With this policy we hope to put an end to the lack of communication, confusion, and questionable wholesale sourcing that are often found when using online pharmacies and Box Store pharmacies. 

The bulk of online pharmacies are not providing medications that come direct from the manufacturer, but rather are re-selling products they purchase from veterinary practices or obtain from other unauthorized sources.  As a result, the validity, safety, and efficacy of these medications cannot be verified, nor will manufacturers stand behind them. 

While these examples are not all-inclusive, we are happy to confirm with you any other pharmacies you use and about which you may have questions.

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