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Community Outreach

At BFVC, we value being a part of our community. As a small, locally-owned business giving back to our community is a part of our core values. We like to share what we are doing in the community and how you can get involved!


As the only provider of emergency shelter and services in Ravalli County for survivors of domestic and intimate partner abuse SAFE’s services are critically needed. They help survivors find the help they need to build a safe future. SAFE provides a variety of housing programs, advocacy services, a crisis hotline and community programs all geared toward creating a future free of violence.

SAFE provides services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your financial and material support help us ensure that those experiencing domestic or sexual violence in Ravalli County find the help they need to build a safe future. Give Here

BFVC has started giving to SAFE of Hamilton to honor of pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge. We love to keep their love and legacy alive through this important community outreach.

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Family Shelter of the Bitterroot: Serving the Circumstantially Homeless

The Family Shelter provides community meals for anyone In need by partnering with various local church locations. Their volunteer staff serves 75-225 hot meals a day to Bitterroot Valley community members experiencing food insecurity. The Family Shelter also provides a Warming Center by  working with community partner facilities to set up and host safe and heated overnight sleeping accommodations for families during the winter months. They also provide emergency shelter and homelessness prevention by helping with unexpected bills.  You can give here!

BFVC has started giving to the Family Shelter of the Bitterroot to honor of pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge. We love to keep their love and legacy alive through this important community outreach. 

Pantry Partners

Pantry Partners provides a once a month food box to those in need in North Ravalli County. This box is meant to assist our clients for a three to five day period. In addition, clients can visit our “Porch” to obtain donated items, including fresh produce, bakery goods, milk and eggs.

BFVC has started giving to Pantry Partners in Stevensville in honor of pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge. We love to keep their love and legacy alive through this important community outreach.

Monetary Donations are greatly appreciated as well. We are a 501(c)3 organization. Donations may be sent to: Pantry Partners, PO Box 806, Stevensville, MT 59870. We also have an Endowment Fund with Raymond James Financial Services in Hamilton, Montana. For information call  406-363-4293.

Bitter Root Land Trust 

In 2021 Burnt Fork Veterinary Clinic committed to donating $10,000 to the "Keep It Bitterroot" Campaign.  We value this organizations dedication to conserving the beauty of our home. We re-upped our commitment in 2022 by partnering for a $2500 match donation during Giving Tuesday!

Since 1996, Bitter Root Land Trust has been working to protect an extraordinary rural landscape in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. These important open lands that make this region so special are farms and ranches that feed our families with fresh produce and beef, forests providing firewood and wildlife habitat, and endless recreational opportunities – inviting outdoor adventures and connecting generations, young and old, to the land.

The Keep it Bitterroot Campaign is aiming to conserve 10,000 additional acres in the next 5 years, the need and opportunity for conservation is growing faster than our capacity to meet demand. You can give here!

Bitter Root Humane Association

In 2019-2020 Burnt Fork Veterinary Clinic donated $10,000 to the Bitter Root Humane Association's new building in Hamilton. They provide caring, compassionate shelter and enrichment for homeless companion animals, find loving lifelong homes, reunite pets and owners, promote population control and advocate for all animals. They have no time limits to finding the perfect home for their “guests” and in 2018 their adoption/reunite rate was 93.9%.

Give NOW!

Sapphire Early Learning Center

The Sapphire Early Learning Center will be housed and run by the Stevensville United Methodist Church and will provide safe, year-round care for children ages 0-12 years including preschool and after school programming, employment opportunities for 10-20 people, and an improved, tech-enriched gathering space for community partners such as school, WIC, scouts, Red Cross Blood Drives, and small businesses needing a large meeting area. 

Dr. Kauffman, a parent herself and employer of several working parents, understands our valley's dire need for more daycare and schooling opportunities especially for children under kindergarten age. In 2020 BFVC donated $5000 to this project.

Pollinator Garden

in 2020-2021 we and our staff member, Maggie Hirschauer, have been working on a Pollinator garden to the south of our building near our mailbox to support the bees and monarchs and other happy creatures with native plants.  Maggie Hirschauer secured a grant with the Bitterroot Conservation District to complete some of the work. You can support them here

Please enjoy a walk through our Pollinator Garden and smell the flowers!

Ravalli County 4H, Missoula County 4H, and FFA Chapters

Yearly, BFVC sponsors prizes at both county fairs in addition to always purchasing an animal or two at the Ravalli County Fair. We also give yearly to the local FFA Chapters and the Montana State FFA Foundation. We value these organizations and the students that participate! 

If you are able, consider purchasing an animal at the Missoula County Fair or Ravalli County Fair, volunteer as a judge for an FFA competition, or lend your financial support to one of their many activities!

BFVC is proud to report that so far in 2020 we have given about $5000 to these various organizations!

Ravalli County 4-H

Missoula County 4-H

Montana FFA Foundation

We also support several national and international veterinary educational, research, and outreach programs Including Kansas State University, Washington State University, and Christian Veterinary Mission. 

BFVC believes it is important to support those leading research, education, and outreach in our industry. 

When a pet crosses the rainbow bridge at BFVC we donate to either Kansas State University or Christian Veterinary Mission in their name. We believe this is a wonderful way to commemorate your pet's life and keep their memory alive. 

Additionally, $1 from every Rabies vaccine given at BFVC goes to Washington State University's Rabies Free program that works in Africa to eliminate Rabies deaths in humans. We think this important work deserves our support and is a great way to pass on your pet's vaccine compliance. 

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