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Angel Fund

What is the Angel Fund?

BFVC’s Angel Fund was developed shortly after we opened in 1998. Its mission is to provide assistance in situations where financial burdens prevent pet owners from obtaining veterinary care. If a pet and owner qualify for the Angel Fund, our doctors donate 100% of their abilities. The only charges to the Angel Fund are costs associated with supplies and medications to aid in the recovery of the pet. 

Donations of any size can be made in clinic via cash, credit card, or check (PA checks only made out to BFVC  with ‘Angel Fund’ in the memo line.) If you wish to donate to the Fund in lieu of a physical gift in the name of another person, please contact us when making the donation and we can notify them by mail with a card of thanks.

We also sell items that benefit our Angel Fund: 100% of the purchase price of any BFVC hat from our hospital benefits our Angel Fund.

Qualifying for the Angel Fund:

  1. Pet & owner must be recommended by a BFVC primary care veterinarian.
  2. A well-maintained relationship with a BFVC primary care veterinarian – i.e. there is a history of regular and routine care.
  3. Pet must have a good prognosis (a high chance of successful outcome.)
  4. Pet should be up to date on routine vaccinations.
  5. If an adult pet, they should be spayed or neutered.
  6. Owner must have exhausted all other efforts of payment, including, but not limited to: Credit cards, Care Credit, cash reserves, and friends/family.

If pet and owner have met the qualifications, the owner will be required to sign a release allowing use of the success story for continued fundraising efforts. They must also agree to maintain a good relationship with their primary care veterinarian.

While we do everything in our power to grant Angel Fund status, it is important to understand that our Fund is 100% donations-based and the availability of funds may be limited.

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