Feline Vaccination Schedule

Vaccination Schedule for Cats:

  • 6 weeks old – FVRCP vaccine.
  • 10 weeks old – FVRCP and FeLV vaccines plus de-worm.
  • 16 weeks old – Rabies vaccine and FeLV plus a fecal check.
  • 1 year old – FVRCP-FeLV and Rabies vaccines, fecal exam with deworming if needed.
  • Over 1 year – FVRCP-FeLV boosters every 2 years (except outdoor cats that need yearly Calici and FeLV) and Rabies booster every 3 years.

Vaccine Trivia

Question:  What does FVRCP-FeLV stand for?

Answer:  F=Feline, V=Viral, R=Rhinotracheitis, C=Calicivirus, P=Panleukopenia, and FeLV=Feline Leukemia Virus.

Question:  If my cat is indoors only, why does she need vaccines?

Answer:  Screen doors allow feral cats to “visit” indoor animals and may expose kitty to diseases. There is documentation that bats have gotten indoors and transmitted rabies to people as well as cats.