Canine Vaccination Schedule

Vacination Schedule for Dogs:

  • 6 to 8 weeks old – DHPP-CV vaccine 1st
  • 10 to 12 weeks old – DHPP-CV vaccine 2nd
  • 16 weeks or older – DHLPP-CV 3rd (important that last of the puppy series be given at 16 weeks minimum) and Rabies vaccines plus a fecal examination with deworming if needed.
  • 1 year old – DHLPP and Rabies boosters.
  • 2 to 8 years old – DHLPP booster every 2 years, Lepto vaccine every 2 years opposite DHLPP,  Rabies every 3 years, heart worm test and fecal examination every 2 years.
  • 8 years or more – DHLPP booster every 2 years, Lepto vaccine every 2 years opposite DHLPP, and Rabies every 3 years, annual physical, urinalysis, CBC Biochemical Panel and thyroid test.
  • As needed – Bordetella vaccine is given as an intra-nasal vaccine for the first administration.  The vaccine is then boostered every six months with an injectable vaccine. Bordetella vaccine protects against Kennel Cough and should be given to any dog being kenneled, taken to pet day care centers, groomers or are around other dogs. Most kennels require Bordetella vaccines every 6-months for dogs that are regularly boarded at professional kennels.
  • As needed – Rattlesnake vaccine is usually given in the fall to hunting dogs for protection against the affects of venom if the dog is bitten.

Vaccine Trivia

Question:  What does DHLP-PV stand for?

Answer:  D=Distemper, H=Adenovirus Type I and II (infectious hepatitis), L=Leptospirosis, P=Para-Influenza and PV=Parvovirus.

Question:  My dog never leaves the yard so why should I vaccinate?

Answer:  Your dog may still be at risk of disease if other dogs jump into the yard, pee through the fence or sniff noses.